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Bobby's Place, A safe haven  for families facing the loss of a childWelcome to Bobby’s Place

Bobby's Place - The Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Foundation

Nothing compares to the loss of a child. We understand your pain because we experienced it ourselves. it was our struggle to deal with the loss of our son, Bobby, which inspired us to reach out and help others by establishing The Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Foundation. from our pain arose a place of healing, where families can go for support, compassion and the help they need to begin the healing process. We named this haven “Bobby’s Place” as a tribute to our son taken too soon, as well as to serve as “the place” where help, healing and hope can be found by families seeking some semblance of peace.

Understanding the Overwhelming

Bobby’s Place offers a haven for healing where families dealing with the loss of a child can meet, share and  support each other as they face a fate no parent should know. Along with this comforting camaraderie, our  knowledgeable grief counselors provide free support services to help parents and siblings learn to live with their loss.

Our Parent Support Group meets twice a month to provide parents with an ear to listen, a hand to hold and the voice of wisdom as they face the emotions and issues related to the healing process. The group comes together under the guidance of a licensed grief counselor. 

Our Sibling Support Groups are designed to help young people understand, cope and accept the loss of a brother or sister. We offer a variety of groups to deal with the unique issues and feelings facing siblings of different ages. A licensed grief counselor facilitates all groups.

Individuals in need of personalized attention are welcome to meet privately with our psychologist, Dr. Tina Dicicco Reynolds. She is available for personal appointments at Bobby’s Place, her office in Pembroke Pines or by telephone. 

We also offer exquisite portraits and pendants that capture the beauty of lost loved ones. These are our gifts to parents to help them cherish the memory and magic of their child. These works of art are available to families living both locally and nationally

Bobby's Place - The Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Foundation

Bobby's Place - The Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Foundation

Preserving A Dream, Providing A Way

Bobby’s dream was to become a Sheriff someday. To fulfill his hope for others with this ambition, we have established The Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Scholarship at Palm Beach State college for criminal Justice students. We also strive to help similar causes and foundations through financial support when possible. of course, we give our full support to any individual, group or organization that provides help to people dealing with the loss of a loved one, especially a child, brother or sister.

We’re Here To Help You Heal

Bobby's Place - Andrew MaierHelping the healing process begin for families dealing with the loss of a child is the mission of The Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Foundation. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with this heartbreaking loss, come to the place of comfort, compassion and the support of those you truly understand. 

Come To Bobby’s Place




For More Information, please call 561-603-3819

The Bobby resciniti Healing Hearts foundation (mailing address)
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Bobby’s Place
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2 thoughts on “Bobby’s Place

  1. Hello I am so glad I found Bobby’s Place. Something directed me to your page a divine guidance I truly believe. I am an angel mom the loss of my 27 year old daughter Carly Marie still has me in a numb fog. It will be 11 years on April 3rd Carly was called to Heaven. I started a group on Facebook called Parents who have lost children(missing our angels) It has been so helpful for me, other angel moms and dads. Infact we feel more family than a group that is how much we need each other. I was so impressed with your angel walk day.I do have alot of parents in my home city that our angel parents.Also many around the world the reason is we keep saying we all need to get togethwr. So many of us have not met physically. I just thought if you had time to connect with me.I love your Bobby’s Place the picture looks so comforting.I would love to have a place where parents could come and feel at home. A place to talk to each other. Keeping our children’s legacies alive its so important we all find that so many people run from us.We are a forgotten group of moms and dads. Sincwrely, Deb

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