Gift of Cash

Cash – usually in the form of a check – is probably the most common and popular type of property given. Most gifts made to The Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Foundation are in this website (PayPal/Check) or mail the check to our mailing address (5075 Palm Way, Lake Worth, FL 33463), the most common form for charitable gifts. Cash makes a convenient gift for many donors and is easily recorded through canceled checks and receipts. When you itemize your deductions at tax time, your gifts of cash may be deducted in amounts up to fifty percent of your adjusted gross income; any excess can be deducted over the next five tax years.

Cash gifts to The Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Foundation have the added advantage of being immediately available to help familes throught the entire United States! Not-with-standing the attractiveness of a cash donation, many people find that assets other than cash also make practical gifts.

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