Alisha Stamper

Our Baby Girl Alisha
July 29, 1995 to April 16 2008

Alisha was our first born, she was our only daughter. She passed away April 16th of this year from a rare heart defect called Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia (ARVD).

Alisha was a beautiful 12 years old, she would have been 13 on July 29th.. She was a great daughter and sister to her two brothers, Ryan and Jeremy. She was very talented, she played T-ball when she was 4, she was also a Cheerleader, she was active in Girl scouts.. Alisha was in the 6st grade at Kettering Middle School, she played the Bass in the schools Orchestra.. We got her a Guitar for her 13th Birthday, she wanted to be just like her dad, she wanted to play the Guitar… She was great at everything she did….

Words can not express the love we have for her, and how much we miss her.

Kevin and Teresa Stamper
Kettering, Ohio

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