Collin Mast Peters

COLLIN MAST PETERS – March 17, 1988-November 7, 2007
Son of Kenton & LoriJo Peters, Manheim, Lancaster County, PA
Youngest of three birth children, 3rd of six children (younger 3 adopted)

Killed in a motorcycle accident on his way to work as a truck mechanic; died at the scene, only 3 miles from home.

Loyal, hardworking, conscientious, and vehemently anti-dugs/alcohol.

Loved family, home, motorcycles, his red Dodge pick-up truck, and his new Siamese kitten.

Known by all for his easy smile and quick sense of humor.

Loved sheep since he could crawl; collected all kinds–stuffed, ceramic, etc.; when younger, had sheep bedclothes, pajamas, clothing.

The funeral was based on sheep, with a sermon, solos and hymns about our Shepherd, Jesus Christ; we even had a live ewe at graveside.

In his memory, LoriJo collected new stuffed sheep from two manufacturers and lots of friends and family members, with a goal to collect 300.

Kent traveled to the Dominican Republic on a church mission trip this past June to help in three separate Bible Schools.  The team used sheep as a theme for the schools because of LoriJo’s sheep collection project.  Kent “shepherded” a “flock” of 433 stuffed sheep into the hands of children so poor, they’d never had a stuffed animal before.
Around the neck of each sheep, LoriJo attached a tag bearing a paraphrased Spanish translation of John 10:14, 15:  “I know My sheep and My sheep know Me…I lay down My life for My sheep.”

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