Jamie~Leigh Britt

Jamie~Leigh Britt

Jamie~Leigh Britt
Jamie~Leigh Britt

Jamie~leigh Britt

Sept. 14, 1987- May 22, 2006
18 years, 8months, & 8 days old
Jamie collapsed and died while doing make-up work in the high school library. She was only 12 days away from high school graduation.
The official cause of her death was listed as
“Viral Meningitis”.

The heartbreak, pain, anger, sadness, and disbelief caused by this senseless tragedy, will never be known. 
Jamie had the biggest, brownest eyes you’ve ever seen, and the loudest and best laugh you’ve ever heard. She was articulate, funny, a very talented artist and photographer.  Jamie was always a champion for the underdog, and never backed down when she believed she was right.  She definately possessed the “courage of her convictions”.  Jamie was fearless .  
She left us much too soon, and much against our will. 
She left us with beautiful memories and broken hearts. 

For every joy that passes something beautiful remains.

Judy~always proud Mom to Jamie-Leigh

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