Life Portraits

These are all the Hand Drawn, custom Angel Portraits our Healing Hearts artist created for bereaved parents.

Mitch Carmody GSP, CCP is a grief educator, speaker, writer, published author and portrait artist working out of his studio ( in Demark Minnesota. He is currently on staff as a workshop presenter with T.A.P.S. (The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), and recently elected to the national board of directors of The Compassionate Friends, mem-ber of Twinless Twins org., member of ADEC and is a Grief Services Provider.

Video of Memorial Portraits in pencil by Mitch Carmody, many which are sponsored by the Bobby Healing Hearts Foundation Portrait Ministry. Music created for this video by Denise Ganulin with the song “I’ll Meet You There ” written in honor of my son Kelly James.


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