Nelson and Crystal Carter

God gave me two of the most wonderful children a parent could ever have. My two Beautiful miracle babies.

Nelson was born on June 24, 1996, and died on December 22nd 2006. He was a very happy handsome child, he was funny, sweet, a little shy, but a true little gentleman, born with heart problems, he had open heart surgery at a tender age of 4 days old, the aorta was disrupted, by the time he was 5 he had endured 4 more surgeries. God healed him and he recovered very quickly.  He was ripped away from me in a terrible tragic way, murdered by his father due to jealousy and selfishness. I Love Nelson so much, I wish he could be here with me, I miss his big warming hugs, smiles, his robot dance and when he said “I Love you Mom”. He is my Little Guardian Angel and I know he watches over me. Mommy Loves you forever Nelson.

Crystal was born in April 14, 1998, and died December 21st 2006. Born in the car on the way to the hospital, she was a very sweet beautiful child; she loved her brother and loved to bother him too. She had hugs for everyone, she loved playing with her dolls and she loved making friends. I’ve never met someone so little with so many excuses on why at 10:00pm she was still up, (she was thirsty, she didn’t kiss me, she never said goodnight, she wanted to keep me company so that I won’t be scare, it went on and on.)She too was taken away from me, murdered by their father.  I miss her smile, I miss her dressing up, I miss her wearing my high heel shoes, acting like a runway model. She always said “Look mommy I look just like you” …….I miss her so much. Mommy Loves you Crystal. I now have two Beautiful Guardian Angels watching over me Always.

Written by Nelson’s and Crystals Mother, Jennie Carter

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