20 Faces of Grief

Our friend, Mitch Carmody gave our foundation a very, very special gift. Some of his finest works of art are called – The 20 Faces of Grief. They now adorn the walls of Bobby’s Place. The pencil drawings are his interpretation and representation of the many emotional components of his bereavement journey. Mitch is a bereaved Dad for 24 years now. He lost his son Kelly Carmody at the age of nine. Kelly James Carmody died in 1987 of a malignant brain tumor.  Since that day Mitch, has dedicated his life to serving the bereaved. Additionally, Mitch is a very talented and sought after keynote speaker that also does interruptive signing to music, an accomplished writer & hosts healing workshops with Alan Pederson throughout the USA. Mitch is a great friend and above all else – a good human being. Enjoy the pictures below and please visit Mitch’s beautiful, enlightening and powerful website –  Heartlight Studios

More information at http://www.heartlightstudios.net/

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