Andrew Maier

Andrew Lee Maier was born on April 8th 1985 and left this world on Easter Sunday , March 26, 1989 in a tragic drowning accident.

From the day he was born I just KNEW he was going to be extra special and even as an infant he exhibited an independent spirit that actually defined his entire four short years of life. He was so full of life (and himself). He was such a good looking kid-and he always had a devilish little smile on his face and a twinkle in his dark brown eyes. He was my little buddy. Andrew lived every day at full speed, and his favorite song? (yes this is true)  was “Born To Be Wild” He WAS something else. Andrew liked most things all little boys his age did- like playing ball in the backyard with his older brother and occasionally terrorizing his sister with a worm or some other insect he would dig up! But what he loved the most was fishing, and I loved it when he was able to come along with me. One of those times was the night before he died. I will forever cherish the memory of that day. Andrew was a special little boy that I was blessed to have for four short years, and after 18 years I miss him now as much as I did then. 

Written by Father, Rob Maier

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