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Thank you for supporting our foundation.  Your donation supports the following services and activities:

donatebtnBobby’s Place – Grief and Healing center

Bobby’s Place offers a haven for healing where families dealing with the loss of a child can meet, share and  support each other as they face a fate no parent should know.

Grief workshops

We offers local grief counseling at Bobby’s Place to parents the suffer the loss of a child and all other types of grief/loss. We host bi-monthly meetings for bereaved parents and specialty group meetings  for “Mom’s”& “Dads”.  All meetings and groups are overseen by our licensed grief counselor, Vincenzina (Miss V) DiSalvo. Meetings will take place on weekdays evenings.

Portraits & Pendants for bereaved parents

We offer a beautiful wall mount portrait (up to 20″ x 24″) to a parent/guardian who has lost their child. It includes enlargement, enhancement, canvas stretching, framing and delivery of the picture of your choice!We are offer our portrait  and pendant services all throughout the United States. . Each portrait is printed on canvas and professionally framed and delivered.

Criminal Justice Scholarship fund at Palm Beach State College

We have established The Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Scholarship fund. The scholarship is at Palm Beach State College for Criminal Justice students that have the same dream Bobby had – to be a Police, a Sheriff to be exact.

Healing Hearts Angel Walk

An annual event where people can honor the memory of their love one by walking and getting together with other briefing families.

Bobby’s Place of Tomorrow

We want a place where people can meet, fellowship and bring hurting families together to help mend their broken hearts. There is such a need for a “place to heal” for parents that lose a child or a sibling that loses a brother or sister. Grief comes in many shapes and sizes…there are no rules to grief as everyone heals differently. The Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Foundation is dedicated bringing a small amount of peace, hope and happiness to people with a broken heart.

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