Michael Conn

January 08, 1987 – May 13, 2005

Mike was working in the family business and hopefully one day the business would be his to run so that we could someday retire just like his papa did. We are so proud of him, and everyday he walked into our office , we had a big smile on our faces.He was learning the business and was doing a good job, and because of his sweet personality customers responded well to him.

We now have to live the rest of our lives without the warmth and sunshine our angel brought us.It is so lonely without him.When he came home we lit up with joy to be with our boy.He is a large part of our lives , a wonderful part.Now that he is not physically with us, our home is now just a house.

Since Mikes death our lives are a living hell, When we wake up in the morning it takes a few seconds to realize this isn’t a nightmare , but a reality. I know it takes a long time to heal from such a tragedy, it is a day by day job of healing, and I know the pain will subside in the years to come , and the bitter will turn to sweet memories.But in the mean time it is torture. Loosing a child is the worst thing that can happen to a person or family. My heart goes out to every family that is going through the same grief, an despare.One day we will understand how this can happen, but right now we can’t.It will probably take the rest of our lives to understand , but until then we will be in purgatory.

In the past few months I learned a lesson, that personal possessions and monetary success have no meaning, The only thing that is important is family  and friends and the love and compassion you have for them, also giving a helping hand to neighbors and strangers in need. These are the qualities that we instilled in Mike , and I know in my heart that is also what he believed.

Written by his Mother, Harriet Conn

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