Elizabeth Stuart Hampton

Beth was killed when her family’s pick-up truck was struck by an 18-wheeler whose brakes failed. She was a darling fifth-grader who loved playing board games and card games with her friends. She wore her socks inside out because they were softer that way. Beth loved donuts with sprinkles and sliced apples. She loved selling Girl Scout cookies and enjoyed organizing things, like the food in the refrigerator or a closet or cabinet. She would come to her parents’ room on the weekends and say “I’m bored. What can we organize?” Her absolute first love was the family dog, Buddy, a Labrador. She would go to sleep on the floor with her arm around Buddy’s neck or using him as a pillow. She taught him lots of tricks and was the only one in the family who could coax him into the bath, which was amazing because he weighed twice as much as she did. She is missed every single day.

Written by her Aunt, Anne Rodgers

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