Edward Aquino

Edward Aquino was born July 14, 1990. He was the second child of Julio and Evelyn Aquino. When Edward was just a few months old our family moved from Dominican Republic to Miami, Fl where he grew up. Edward was the kind of person you knew that was always playing jokes and making people smile. He was like a big TeddyBear with such a warm heart and so full of life, nothing ever washed that smile off of his face.

At the young age of 16 on June 19, 2007 Edward was in a fatal car accident that ended his life here on Earth. I say here on Earth because we know that he lives on and is waiting for us up in Heaven.

Just two days after Edwards passing we found a note in his Bible, in his writing this note said his name and the words “Stay Strong in the Faith”. I know that was his way of telling us he was okay and as the ones left behind on Earth, we have to stay strong in our faith in God and know that these are things that have to happen, and that we will meet again one day.

Written by Edwards sister, Giselle Aquino

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