The Healing Hearts & Stoneman Douglas Community “Day of Healing”

Healing Hearts is planning to host a grief workshop for all the families, students, faculty & friends. We are attempting to locate a venue in Coral Spring at this time. Once we do, we will have a date. We hope to have it in April or May.
The brightest and the best in the grief world will be participating in this workshop. We will have the TOP experts in grief/loss.
It will be needed!

Our Healing Hearts family extends our thoughts & prayers to all the families that lost loved ones in this horrible tragedy at Stoneman Douglas HS. Our hearts go out to the those suffering from yesterday’s tragedy.

Healing Hearts will provide help & assistance to anyone needing support. We have some of the finest grief counselors in all of south Florida.

Our contact info is:

> Bob Resciniti 561-603-3819 or
> Dr. Tina Reynolds 954-660-3522 or
> Tina DiSalvo 954-330-3721 or
> Tricia Conlon 561-676-6144 or

Our grief center (Bobby’s Place) is just a mile from Stoneman and will do anything we can to help the community.


Update 02/13

What happened at Stoneman Douglas is disgusting and unfathomable. The parents, families, friends and faculty have a long road ahead of them. 17 Mom’s & Dad’s must plan on their child’s funeral service, instead of their graduation party. The siblings left behind, spouses, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and so on – the pain and suffering reaches FAR…

To our Healing Hearts family – we WILL be there when the dust settles, when the funeral services have passed, after many of the other families move on and get back to “normal”, that’s when we will open our doors to Bobby’s Place to ANYONE needing help.

I reached out to the Superintendent of Broward County Schools as well as the principal of Stoneman. They have plenty of in-house resources at this time.

Many concerned people and other organizations and health professionals have reached out offering their help (Thank you). One bereaved Mom said. “My heart breaks for the families, I want to do something but feel so helpless”

Right now, we kind of are. That soon will pass.

I am planning on getting some community leaders together, along with our in house therapists and Psychologist, some Mom’s & Dads that attend Bobby’s Place, along with other local and national grief centers. We would like to develop a timeline and game plan for our next steps.

These families live right in the community we serve!

If you are interested in helping in any capacity – please let me know.

Together, we will make a difference!


Update 02/18

Thank you Moms and Dads!!! What a great response and I am not at all surprised. You guys are the BEST! We will def want your help. We are trying to organize a grief workshop for all the families, students, faculty friends…

I already received commitments from some of the TOP experts in grief and loss (all types of loss i.e. trauma, sibling, etc…) This workshop will be a HUGE help.

We are hoping to host it sometime in April around the Angel Walk (April 22nd at Quiet Waters)

I will reach out to SD Principal on Tuesday and see if we can use the schools auditorium. I think that would be best for the people attending.

We would need help meeting and greeting prior to the workshop and afterwards. Working on a date and location now. Gotta get that done pretty quick so the presenters coming in can make their plans.

If anyone has ideas or suggestions, I am open to anything.

We will also need help at the Angel Walk on April 22nd. Setting up, registration, organization, etc…

Thank you again for all you do to make our world better place! Parkland needs us right now!

xoxo Bob

Always and Forever –

Bobby’s Dad,

Bob Resciniti
The Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Foundation, Inc
Helping to mend broken hearts – a 501(c)3 charity
Cell: 561-603-3819
Visit us at

“Grief – It’s the price we pay for love”

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