The Bobby Resciniti 2013 Healing Hearts Angel Walk Thank You!!!

2013 Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Angel Walk Photos

2013 Healing Hearts Angel Walk

Walk for an Angel

Our 2013 Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Angel Walk was amazing – it was a day filled with hope, faith, LOVE & great fellowship. It was an overwhelming day of emotions as we walked for all the Angels!

See the pictures from 2013  Healing Hearts Angel Walk

  • Thank you to all the unselfish volunteers that made this day unforgettable!
  • We were blessed with good weather and lot’s of awesome people, all there to celebrate the life of their special Angel(s).
  • We had a record crowd – over 1,000 people came out!
  • We had over 300 Angel signs carried over from past years and we added 150 new Angel signs this year! Each Angel sign was place along the walk trail. What a fulfilling and life changing experience!
  • As in years past, a good friend of the Healing Hearts foundation, Former Miami Dolphin, WQAM Radio host Joe Rose came out to show his support. He shared his words on appreciating life and getting your “yearly attitude adjustment”.
  • Thanks to our friend, Lori Meyers – Clear Channel was represented in a BIG way! Lori also had a whole bunch of friends and family to walk.
  • Healing Heart first timer, Radio celebrity from Big 105.9 – Paul Castronovo of the Paul & Young Ron show stopped by, gave his time and shared some great comments. Awesome guy and great wine – Castonovo Vineyards!
  • Doc Reno from Big 105.9 also came out to do the Angel Walk.
  • Bereaved parent, artist, writer, keynote speaker, friend – the Guru of grief – Mitch Carmody was there to share some inspirational words and sign to a wonderful Beyoncé song  – “I was here”
  • Our head grief counselor, Marsha Levine Arias was there to share information regarding our services we provide at Bobby’s Place – A place for healing!
  • Local Zumba instructor – Elsa came out to get everyone warmed up for the walk!!! She was outstanding.
  • The Justin Bartlett animal rescue joined our walk. They were there to offer pets to adopt to help heal a broken heart!
  • People were playing Black Jack at a table provided by Casino Party Nights Florida Inc. Healing Hearts Foundation is proud to announce its first annual “Luck be a Lady” Casino Night on August 24, 2013 at The Marriott Hotel and Convention Center in Coral Springs. For sponsorship info, please click here. For information on how you can donate – click here!
  • Robin, Annie, Mary and Liz took lots and lots of pictures and video!

16 thoughts on “The Bobby Resciniti 2013 Healing Hearts Angel Walk Thank You!!!

  1. Morning Bob!

    Just wanted to tell you that the Angel Walk was Wonderful, to look at the amount of people that showed up to represent their loved ones or being there to support a love one was Fantastic, it’s a club like no other, If I had the power to change things, I wouldn’t want anyone to be part of this Club but reality is, that this is part of life, I’m so proud to be part of this club where you feel loved, cared about, understood and most of all; you don’t feel alone….you are doing such a wonderful job, I’m amazed. God continues to bless you tremendously…You are such a inspiration, unique, sweet and loving person… I Love you and your family very much and my family enjoyed and loved seeing you.

    I know in order to juggle everything you do; events, picnics, fundraising, golf tournaments, advertisement, a job, friends, family, and not to dismiss, dealing with your OWN feelings of missing Bobby and keeping your head up at all times, must be very difficult and exhausted, I know it’s not easy, but you do it like the CHAMPION that you are!!! Keep up the good work Bob, look at what you have accomplish………..It’s HUGE, you have helped and are helping and will continue to help so many people. Love you and God Bless you and your family always…That’s always my prayer from me to you.

    Love Always,


  2. Bobby you are truly amazing! You outdid last year. Next year you might need the whole park. We are so proud of you. The void that has been filled from the loss of Bobby is nothing short of a true sign from God. The loss of Bobby has created a feeling of unity and friendship. We are not in this club alone. You have given the broken hearts a place to heal and cry.

    Thank you, we love you.

    T.A. and M.A.

  3. Thank you very much again for letting us be apart of this special day! It was so beautiful and so nice to see everyone’s continuous love and support even after seven years!! We look forward to next year! Thanks again!

  4. Good afternoon Bob,

    I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing weekend with Mitch and then the Angel Walk on Sunday. It was overwhelming as this was my first. The outpour and support from everyone is absolutely over the top. After seeing the over 400 signs was breathtaking that I’m not exactly sure what to say. You and your family are also quite amazing and I respect so much what you are doing for your Bobby and all the other families too! You’ve made us feel like we are part of everything you are doing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I look forward to seeing you again soon.

    With Warmest Regards,
    M. R.

  5. Dear Bob, Diane, Michelle, your beautiful organization,

    Many many thank yous from Monica, Lisa, and me for all you have done to make this a very memorable trip. We so enjoyed dinner on Friday, the Marriott is great. The many beautiful signs for my Precious Jessica, my sweet mama, and cousin Jeremy (all gone too soon). This has been very special for all of us. Meeting Mitch was a privilege I will remember. The entire trip is unforgettable.

    Many hugs and much love,


  6. Again, I cant tell you how many people’s lives this event changes. I saw it first hand from the group that I brought. Some were hesitant to join us but are so happy that they did.



  7. Well Bob, another day of success in the growth of a family’s love and support for others, that have suffered a loss. The Healing Heart Foundation continues to express the most valuable gift of all, Love! I continue to be amazed by the growth of what you, Diane, the kids, and of course “Bobby”, have built.

    It seems like yesterday, when I looked into the eyes of a man, that was lost, hurt, devastated, with no where to turn. Today, I still see the hurt, the devastation, but I also see a vision. A vision to be a help line for many, and when I say many, if you stepped back today and looked around, you would see the lines of faces from all around. Faces that are finding the healing through Resciniti’s love!

    Thank you for what you do!


  8. Bob,

    Thanks again for making today possible for me- You have a beautiful family, and I feel very blessed to be walking this journey knowing you are all there to support us.

    Love you guys and congratulations on an outstanding turnout!
    Your love never ceases to amaze!!



  9. Dear Bob and Diane,

    We cannot thank you enough for the opportunity you have extended to us this weekend. Being a part of this Celebration of Life was amazing both for my husband and myself. I don’t know how it was that we never met but I feel blessed. Like we say in our Compassionate Friends meeting, I am sorry for the reason we are here but I am glad we found each other to lean on.

    It was so awesome seeing Mitch as well. My daughter and I never miss his workshops. We will be attending our 4th TCF conference which will be in Boston this year. As for your event next year, please count on the support of my husband and I in whatever you may need. I am excited to form a team next year.

    Thank you again for everything! Please share with Mitch the photos attached as I don’t have his email address. I tried tagging you from our Fan Page FB (Anthony’s Light) but it did not allow me.

    Warm regards!


  10. Hi Bob,

    We want to thank you for a beautiful, wonderful day. This entire weekend was very special. I feel so much closer to Ben right now than I have since he passed away on 10/1. Again thank you for the wonderful things you do.


    A.P. and S.W.

  11. Wow, do you see what LOVE has done.

    The love of Bobby and his father is so deep it has affected 1000’s of people. There is no stronger bond between a parent and a child than what I witness through “The Healing Hearts Foundation. I have met so many loving parents that are all left broken hearted. The difference is that it took one little boy (Bobby) to show us all how much love our hearts can hold. And one broken hearted father to bring us all together. That is powerful.

    Dion, the love we have for you is just as powerful. We are blessed to have Bob & Diane as friends and to be a part of honoring all of our children. D, there where so many pictures of such beautiful angels. It was such an amazing eye opener. I am not alone, but my pain is my own. No one can make the pain go away. No one can make things right.

    We go on and day by day we learn to live with that pain, but it has not gotten easier or better. People say that time heals all, I hope they are right,

    Dion, I just wanted to let you know that as always you are in my heart. Your presence is felt and I know that you are close. Please try to stay near. I need to have you in and around me to get through the day. Send lots of warm hugs.

    Love you Big!

    MOM (M.A.)

  12. I just wanted to say thank you for including my late brother, John S.
    Marrone in the angel walk! A family member was at the walk and noticed
    a pic of my brother and contacted us about it… What a nice surprise!!
    Thank you! J.M.

  13. Dear Bob, Diane, Michelle, your beautiful organization,

    Many many thank you’s from Monica, Lisa, and me for all you have done to make this a very memorable trip. We so enjoyed dinner on Friday, the Marriott is great. The many beautiful signs for my Precious Jessica, my sweet mama, and cousin Jeremy (all gone too soon). This has been very special for all of us. Meeting Mitch was a privilege I will always remember. The entire trip is unforgettable.

    Many hugs and much love,

    Mona, Precious Jessica’s Mama

  14. Again, I cant tell you how many people’s lives this event changed. I saw it first hand from the group that I brought – some from Ft. Meyers, Miami and local. Some were hesitant to join us but are so happy that they did. L.M.

  15. I have been trying to get an email to you but I really wanted to have the time to pay it the proper due and that is now..

    As Bob knows, my son (angel) Vincent has been at the walks even though I was not until this year.

    The first walk, my girlfriend told me about the day after my first visit to Bobby’s Place.. I sent a picture and she walked to represent.

    The second walk, I sent a picture and received a call that morning from a girlfriend who said she saw the picture and had his name on her shirt.

    This year I walked and I have to say that I was totally in awe of the event!! It was just my year.. I was stronger and did my first walk of this nature on my son’s birthday this past Oct. 13, in WPB the “Out of the Darkness Walk”.. in honor of Suicide Prevention and I did the same walk in November in Fort Lauderdale; in March, “Daniel’s Dash” a 5K to raise concussion awareness and of course the Angel Walk this month. (all of these walks involved new friends who have lost their children).

    I have to say, I also thought it was a great touch to have the humane society there. We have had our first dog ever for about two years now and she has been the best therapy ever. It added a bit of ease to the day as well.. of course the food was great and just the number of sponsors who went out to support. I listen to Paul and Young Ron all the time.. and now I love them more!!

    Of course there were tears and sadness all mixed with the joy and love we all share for life and the ones we love!!! However I have to say without a doubt the best thing was to go to Butterfly World!!! I had not been in ages nor was it on my list of things to do.. but now that I have a new-found love for Butterflies, since once greeted me when I went to visit where my son took his last breath, I have a huge fascination and find a newfound peace with them that is just indescribable. Just took my breath away!!!

    Also the fact that you were able to make a sign for Maria’s – Nicole the next day was just, I mean, too awesome!!!

    It was so busy and emotional and all I totally forgot to look for Marsha.. I really wanted to say hi and thank you for all your help in this..

    Anyway just thank you sooooo much for everything and the amazing work you do and so excited that Bobby’s legacy and all our children’s life really do live on!!!

    Bob, you are the man!!


  16. Dear Bob, family and all the wonderful volunteers.

    The Angel Walk was my first after losing my daughter 4 years ago. I must say, to say it was amazing is an understatement. It was so moving & heartfelt. Words can’t describe the feeling when I came across my daughters Angel Sign. I stopped, prayed, took pictures and spent time reflecting on the better days we had. It was emotional but at the same time, very fulfilling. The entire day was magical. Walking the angel trail made me realize, I am not alone in my pain and suffering. I can’t thank you enough for doing this wonderful walk for all our angels. I will be back with many family and friends and I came all the way from New York to be at the walk!

    God Bless you and most sincerely,


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